Green is as Green Does... All About Green Mama Lia :)

Ok, so I get a chance to introduce myself now ;)

Green Mama Lia, born and raised all over this great big green-n-blue Mother Earth (military brat here!) and one of my major life's missions is to live as green as green can be! Or - in other words - as green as I am able to each day in any way I can...

I'm a mama of two growing
greenies: a garden master, Mother Earth worshiping little boy; and a veggie vacuum, organic fashionista little girl. They are the love of my life and the very reasons I can't do anything ungreen: whatever I put into their little bodies better be good for them and the earth they live on!

A little about my own adventure into this green lifestyle..I'll try to make this as short as possible :)

When I was in college, I had an interesting journey with endometriosis which coincidentally does very well in a body that is stressed out by both mental and environmental toxins. While doing research for an article in the university's newspaper on my lovely 'female problem' I discovered that endometriosis can be caused by dioxins. What are dioxins, you ask? The short answer is they are practically everywhere, but mostly in bleached products, as dioxins are the by product of chlorine. A very toxic pollutant indeed, especially in the body. This discovery started me on the green journey that I continue even today, encouraging me to switch to a free from toxins lifestyle, eating a whole lot healthier, and never stopping from asking the serious questions: is this good for me? for the planet? And if not, what are the alternatives out there? Is there a greener option?

And, the short answer to those questions is, YES! :) Thankfully there are old and new green alternatives everywhere.

Which leads to how I became a Green Mama :)

I used to paint murals (still do, but with the economy n'all...yeah, you know) and I used whatever materials they had at the store. That is until I found that I was 2 months pregnant with baby #2...yikes! and I had just faux painted a huge room with possibly the most toxic crap that was ever created by man. About to hang up the paint brush for good, my dear brother Wayne of LiveGreen, a green lifestyle consulting company, informed me that there were much safer and green paint options...Duh, Lia!...So I made the switch to green paints...phew!

It's all about the little green steps, baby ;)

So that's me, in a fuzzy green nutshell: I am a true toxin-a-phobe, mama to two greenies, married to conservation man-of-the-year and, although we don't have enough green to do everything perfectly eco-friendly from the start, we attempt to use green methods and materials in our everyday lives, any way we can.

It's all about being creative with your green ways!

And that's why I wanted to do this blog. There are so many different ways to go green...and what better time to start your green adventure than when your a mom or mom-to-be :)

Hope you enjoy our blog!


(btw, my son took that pic of me...isn't he such a great photographer! :)


  1. Yay! Nice space here! I'll be around..I'm making headway into being greener and greener...I just started composting, joined that free sunfower planting thing for the bees(I'll get you a link, might be a good topic for here, I love the bees, and will be gardening this year for the first time!

    Congratulations on your new baby-blog


  2. here it is..the sunflower thing..might be a future topic for here

  3. Looks great Lia -- keep it up, I'll be reading along!

  4. Hi -- nice to meet you! I clicked over from the forums (I just started visiting there again after a few years away).

    I like the idea for your blog and am looking forward to more ideas!


  5. Welcome Stacy ;)

    I took a break from MDC also a few years ago, but now I don't think I could live without those wonderful wise women!