Supporting Breastfeeding-Friendly Businesses...

In celebration of Breastfeeding Awareness Week and breastfeeding-friendly businesses everywhere, I met with LLL Leader Suzy Provine and asked her a few questions about her groups latest outreach program...the sticker campaign...

TGM: What is the sticker campaign?

Suzy: Have you ever been out and about with your breastfeeding baby and been offered a comfy place to sit or a glass of water? Found a place that really, truly welcomes moms and nursing babies?

Then let's thank those businesses where we have found ourselves comfortable nursing by giving them a card and free sticker with the International Breastfeeding Symbol to display in their window. Let the next nursing mother who visits their establishment know right away that she can be comfortable there with her child.

La Leche League of Northern Anne Arundel has created a friendly card that you can carry with you to give by hand or send by mail to any business you would like to THANK for helping you and your baby have a comfortable visit in their establishment.

TGM: What brought about starting this campaign?

Suzy: One of our group mothers was told she could not feed her baby in a local business that caters to children. Rather than try to change the policies of that business, we decided it would be more productive, and more positive, to recognize the good places rather than the bad.

TGM: How do others obtain stickers?

Suzy: Anyone who makes a donation to La Leche League of Northern Anne Arundel of $5 will receive a sticker and card set. Contact any of our Group Leaders for stickers.

TGM: Can anyone participate?

Suzy: Absolutely! We would love to see this sticker on business windows everywhere!

TGM: So far, where can we see these breastfeeding-friendly stickers?

Suzy: We just started. The first stickers went up at the Bruster's Ice Cream store in Glen Burnie, Maryland.


  1. "LLL" stands for La Leche League ;)

    La Leche League's mission is to help support breastfeeding mothers worldwide do so successfully. You can find a mother-to-mother local support group at


  2. Oh cool! I just read about this from the NAP yahoo group ;) I haven't figured out where to send cards (when I get around to getting them), because Abby rarely nurses when we are out anymore except the pool and parks. I didn't know you were near me!

  3. awesome! Let other's know so we can get these stickers up ;)