Green Tips for Green Mamas... Cleaning Up Indoor Air Pollution

This is the beginning of our new Green Tips for Green Mamas blog posts. Every week we'll tackle the big problems with a simple solution. Could be one thing to do, one thing to toss, one thing to purchase. Never know. But one things for sure, it won't be a huge TO DO list. We mamas already have a full day planned, don't we?!

So, here we go...

Everyday presents us green mamas with a new opportunity to do And there is so much to be done, isn't there? This week we'll take a look at what we can do about our living space...indoor air pollution.

House plants are our best defense against indoor house pollution (which, in most cases, is much worse than the outdoor air pollution!)

So.....What's a green mama to do???

One big problem...One easy answer...Get an Areca Palm house plant!

According to Justin at, using Areca Palms is "[a]n easier way to add humidity to a room... These palms release copious amounts of water into the air, and remove chemical toxins too. They are consistently rated among the best houseplants for removing all indoor toxins tested. "

Ok, so this week, find yourself an Areca Palm (I put a pic up top in case you want to print it to bring with you to the nursery). Put one in each bedroom to help decrease toxins and increase humidity. They are non-toxic, so don't worry about the kids chewing on the leaves. Hopefully your little greenies won't though ;)

So there you have it, women. Being green isn't a huge TO DO list. One simple change a week.

Send in pics of your new house plants on facebook, and let us know if you notice any difference ;)

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