Be a Green Mama Guest Blogger :)

The Green Mamas Blog is opening its doors to all you awesome Green Mamas out there, coast to coast! Whether you're pure green, striped, or spotted in your green ways, if you love to blog and are a green mama at heart, that's all it takes. Oh, and green papas are welcome to guest blog post too ;)

Guest Blogging Guidelines:
  • must be your own original work in whatever medium you choose - written, image, video.
  • if your post has been previously published, please include a note stating such with a link to the piece's original publication.
  • your post should be timely, relevant, and eco-conscious in focus and in the interest of green families.
  • at least 300-400 words. It can be much longer if you like.
  • video no longer than five minutes.
  • a back link to our site (your guest post) from your website/blog.

For your bio, please include:

  • your name with link to your website/blog
  • a thumbnail photo
  • a 1-2 sentence blurb about yourself, including what makes you a green mama/papa.
We do not wish to own any rights to your publication. What you write is your own. The Green Mamas blog is a means to help disseminate information and entertainment to the green mama community.

All contributions will be considered, however not all submissions will make it to post. Green Mama Lia will make every effort to help aspiring green mama writers fix any grammatical errors to make their posts stronger, but she (I) don't have the time to fix everything. If it's not written well, well...polish and shine your posts as best you can.

Smilies are welcome :)

Please email your contributions to or find us on Facebook :)

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