Cloth Diapers...Really?!?!?!?!

I have found the reaction to my decision to use cloth diapers quite shocking. Even before I planned on getting pregnant I knew that I would use cloth diapers, there was never even a debate. Why would I use disposable diapers and add to our landfills? I knew the statistics, disposable diapers are estimated to take 250-500 years to decompose. How on earth would I feel comfortable putting something that takes that long to decompose on the most precious thing in the world, my baby's butt!

We've come to live in a disposable world, we want the easiest quickest product and that product almost always is a one time use product. Look down the aisle of the grocery store, you'll see fruit packaged in a nice convenient plastic container so you can have fruit in your lunch, well isn't fruit already in the perfect package? It's own skin! Then there's the drink aisle where you can get yourself a 30 pack of bottled water, last time I checked water was free. Why not just buy a reusable bottle or canteen and fill it everyday for yourself. Then there is the baby aisle, not only can you find disposable diapers, there's also bibs, spoons/forks, bottles, sippy cups the list goes on and on. What a great lesson to teach our kids from the moment of birth, we're too busy so just buy something use it and throw it away.

My decision to use reusable diapers wasn't hard and I didn't think twice, so why is it that everyone who finds out I'm using cloth diapers is in total shock and disbelief? I can't believe the reaction I've been getting, it's actually quite disheartening. The first reaction I get is "I didn't know those still existed," and then I get "well that's just going to be way too much work you're not going to be able to keep up with all the laundry and a newborn." Now I can't speak from experience seeing that this is my first baby, I can only speak from what I've been told and what I expect to happen. From what I know though you do quite a bit of laundry when you have a baby and a family for that matter. And when did laundry become such a big deal, you put everything in the washer, add soap hit start, when it's done you put it in the dryer. That's what 5 minutes of my day? Not to mention the bigger irony here, this is coming from people who never once considered anything other than disposable diapers, it's like their trash happy alter ego has taken over control of their mind and body.

I found a great company that has reusable diapers of all kinds, and have great customer service. I personally went with Fuzzi Bunz. Mama Lia had already used them and loved them. If you're interested in reusable diapers and don't know where to go to get information and want to see your options I recommend Nurtured Family.

Fuzzi Bunz -


  1. LOL. Someone said to me, "Well... aren't you ambitious!" Like, "Haha. You won't last." I think people assume you think you are better than them if you use cloth. I don't know... I've kept on.

  2. Yeah! I was just showing off my daughter's fuzzi bunz last night to an older neighbor who was amazed at how easy they look to use. People will get over it, and I agree with Doodlebug - they either think you believe you are a better Mom than them, or they have no clue what CDing is like and the benefits, and they think you are nuts!

  3. We are just about to have twins (any time in the next four weeks now!) and decided a long time ago to make the switch to cloth with the twins. We did disposable with our singleton (now 4). I was SHOCKED at the number of people who bought us HUGE boxes of disposable diapers at our twin shower even though we had put all over our registry that we were doing cloth!! It's crazy how much it's ingrained into people's heads that there just isn't another option!

  4. I LOVED my fuzzi bunz. I sometimes want another baby just so I can use them again! The first time I saw them - I had no idea something like them existed - I touched that softer than soft fleece and immediately I was hooked! What else would I want touching my soon to be born babies bum ;)