We're Back!

Sorry Mama Lia and I have been MIA we've been on vacation...together. It's been a little while since we've seen each other and Lia flew out to CA for my baby shower which was last Saturday. It was so great to see each other. We had such a great time and realize how much we wish that we lived closer together.

We're back, her on the East Coast and me on the West.

I am less than a month from my due date and cannot believe how close I am to holding my little one in my arms.

Join me on my journey from pregnancy to motherhood.


  1. Yes! It was a very memorable visit and one that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to make.

    Its not often that we get a chance to see each other as there is a continent between us! Thanks to carbon offsetting - which I purchased inflight from www.myclimate.org - I could 'green' the trip. Surprisingly it only cost $10 each way...

    Back on the east coast again...looking forward to next time...

    Green Mama Lia

  2. by the way...this is a bad picture of me, LOL...

    I had just gotten done doing a belly casting on Amanda - and it turned out great! - but somehow she snuck in a shower before this pic was taken! She sure is a super mom ;)