Green Tips for Green Mamas.... Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent

Every week we try to tackle a Green Mama problem with a simple Green Mama solution. Could be one thing to do, one thing to toss,or one thing to purchase. Never know. But one things for sure, it won't be a huge TO DO list. We mamas already have a full day planned, don't we?!

Make Your Own Natural Bug Repellent

Ok, so it's getting warmer, we're spending more and more time outdoors doing our thing... and the bugs are starting to do their thing too.

Some bugs are great. Take Lady Bugs for instance. They help keep our gardens healthy and bad bug free without the use of harsh chemicals.

Some bugs are not so great. Take mosquitoes for instance (no, their name does not deserve to be capitalized. They suck blood, make us itchy, and won't get the hint to leave us alone!) However, as much as they bug us, we don't want to use harsh chemicals on our bodies just like we avoid using them in our gardens.

So, what's a green mama to do?

Make your own natural bug repellent. It's easier than you might think.

What you need:
  • spray bottle, preferably one that you've been waiting for a way to reuse (some people recommend only using a glass container, but it's debatable IMO)
  • one or all of the following essential oil: citronella, rosemary, lavender, yarrow, tee tree, eucalyptus oil. (I say one or all because we all have different likes and dislikes when it comes to scents. Test them out, see which ones you like, or which combination you like. One will work just as well as all. You don't need to over do it. )
  • a base solution: rubbing alcohol, vodka, olive oil, or witch hazel. I personally like witch hazel, as it seems to repel bugs all on it's own too, and it's great for your skin.
  • a label
What to do:
  • in your spray bottle, add your base solution plus your essential oil(s) in a 10:1 ratio.
  • label it so you know and the kids know and hubby knows what's in it and not to drink it
  • shake well before every use to recombine the solution (oils separate)
  • spray onto skin and clothing when outside
  • keep a bottle near the doors and keep it out of reach of children. Not only if you use Vodka, but essential oils can be pricey!
Easy enough? If you have a favorite concoction when making your own bug repellent, do share, please do (comment below :)

Here's to an enjoyable spring outdoors, minus buggin' bugs!


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