Green Tips for Green Mamas...Grasscycling

Every week we try to tackle a Green Mama problem with a simple Green Mama solution. Could be one thing to do, one thing to toss,or one thing to purchase. Never know. But one things for sure, it won't be a huge TO DO list. We mamas already have a full day planned, don't we?!


If you don't cut the grass - I've only ever done it a small handful of times in my lifetime - this tip might be best passed onto your very own Green Daddy ;)

"Cut it high and let it lie! The Environmental Protection Agency recommends leaving grass clippings on your lawn rather than collecting and bagging them to reduce the amount of waste that is collected and processed.

Grasscycling enhances the natural health of your lawn. Grass clippings increase the soil's organic matter, along with its ability to retain moisture and nutrients, resist erosion, and maintain cooler temperatures during the summer. Clippings should be no more than one inch long in order to fall through the grass into the soil." ~ Citizens Information Center

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