My Fertility Bootcamp...A Natural Approach to Restoring Fertility

by guest blogger mama Cara Bergman

Fertility Secrets Revealed FREE call
**Tuesday, June 9th 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. EST**

What is going on?
The fertility world is currently very high-tech. There are hormones to inject, procedures to undergo, and it can add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Is there another way?
Is it possible to use Grandmother Wisdom to create the same (or better) results? It seems as if our parents' generation were trying NOT to get pregnant. Our generation has seen the highest rates of infertility of all times. What is going on?

A Natural Approach
Cara Bergman, owner of
Stillwater Fertility Acupuncture Clinic in Maryland has a natural approach to restoring fertility. She focuses on Grandmother Wisdom of eating well, sleeping well, and kicking the toxins out of your life. She offers a 30 day immersion program for people who want to jump start their fertility using nothing more than food, sleep, and healthy lifestyle practices.

Hear the Good News for Yourself!
Sound too simple? Cara has seen enormous success at her fertility clinic and she is willing to share her knowledge for the first time in a free one-hour call. If you are working through fertility issues or planning to be pregnant in the next few months, this is the call for you. To be join in on this free call, simply visit

The call will be held next
Tuesday, June 9th, 8:00 - 9:00 pm EST.

A note from Green Mama Lia
Please pass along this information about the free call to any and all family and friends that you know are having fertility issues. I know I myself will be on the call as I have my own hormonal issues, still... Although I'm not actively trying to get pregnant, I'm sure I can benefit from the free info Cara will be sharing. HTH! :)

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  1. Cara is GREAT! Now if she only had something for AVOIDING fertility...