The Perfect Compaion for Cloth Diapers - The Bathroom Sprayer

I love using cloth diapers for babies. They're eco-friendly, soft, and oh so cute! However, when baby starts to eat solids, those sweet breastfed 'seedy popcorn' poos leave way for real life stinkies! (and that's sugar coating it.)

So, what do you do with solid food poo when you're using cloth diapers? Well, there are a few methods. You can do what Grandma used to do and dunk it in the toilet until everything comes off. Or a more modern way is to scrape off mister number two into the toilet and let our high-efficiency washers do the rest.

However - and I speak from experience - neither way keeps you from getting your hands in the, eh, mix... Occasionally it can be a pretty messy experience.

One way, however, that has been increasing in popularity among the cloth diaper community is to clean off the waste using a toilet sprayer - a hand held sprayer attached to your toilet much like the one in the shower, only smaller. When using a bathroom sprayer, you can easily and thoroughly remove solid waste from the diaper, leaving it practically clean. Just pop it in the washing machine on laundry day. Done!

At, they have a wide variety of toilet sprayers, some that can also be used for additional family cleanliness purposes.

If you use - or are going to use - cloth diapers, this is one tool that needs to be on your must-have list. Makes cloth diapering - a pleasant experience already - even better ;)


  1. Madeline is almost 16 months old and somehow I've survived without a diaper sprayer. It sure would make my life a lot easier though!

  2. Hi Lia,
    we actually use a plastic 'shower extender' version of this sort of think in our laundry tub to wash our baby's bottom!

    We call it our "Baby Bidet" - it sprays warm water up and gently washes baby's bum, then we pat it dry.

    We used it for nearly a year with our first son (actually he did most of his poos that way) and then moved states for 3 years. Now that we are back, it is back on again, being used with our new baby!

    Also great news when they get all muddy outside - pop them in the basin and rinse them off!