Body After Baby Challenge: Green Mama Amanda, Week 1

Mama Lia this was a great idea and I am joining the challenge. Let me start by writing out what motivates me, then I'll get to my goals.

For me motivation comes from my husband and my baby (and future babies), I want to be the best I can for them. I want to be healthy, happy, and full of energy because if I am all of this, their life is better. We all know that when mama is happy, everyone is happy. I'm motivated to raise my children seeing their parents live a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and organic food. I've never been motivated by a number on a scale, actually up until my daughter was born I never owned a scale. The only reason I bought it after she was born because I was excited to see how much she weighs each month. Not to mention I'm already at my pre-pregnancy weight and in my skinny jeans so for me this isn't something that will be part of my goals. Instead my goals are going to be focused on long term, lifestyle changes. My husband and I already eat only organic food so for me my goal is going to be strictly exercise.

Now onto my goal.

Goal #1: Do aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week
I already do Mommy & Me Yoga once a week, but I need to get aerobic exercise included in my life. I think this may be the easiest and hardest goal all in one. In one respect all I need to do is load up the baby in her Ergo carrier, put the leash on the dog and get outside and walk (I'm not a runner) and when I say walk I mean high speed walking. The type of walking that increases your heart rate and gets the sweat started. Sounds easy, Ergo (check), baby (check), dog (check), a bottle of water (check, of course this is my reusable bottle), I should be all set to go. Not to mention I'm lucky to live in a climate that allows for year around outdoor activity, and I take advantage of it. I think this goal is the hardest because as a stay at home mom I find myself consumed with the "job" of taking care of the household, running errands, and doing everything I need to do to make my house a home. All the while raising my 5 month old daughter, keeping her entertained, teaching her sign language, Italian and English. Between taking care of the house and my daughter I don't remember to take time to take care of me. There are days that when my husband gets home from work I'll realize I didn't eat lunch. Before I had my daughter my husband and I would bicycle home from work, 10 miles down Hwy 101 watching the sunset over the ocean, some of the best commuting of my life. My husband still is able to bicycle into work and home, at least in the summer when the sun stays up later, but for me I need to schedule my aerobic activity. So I'm going to put a reminder in my phone every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am to get myself in the routine.

For now I'm going to start with just this one goal, if during the challenge I come up with another goal that I'd like to include I'll do so. But for now, this is the most important goal for me and I need to focus on it.

My starting point right now?
Activity level = yoga
weight = I'll tell if you tell! (I'm with you on this one Mama Lia)
skinny jeans = fit perfectly

I'll continue to post weekly updates and see if I can reach my goal, and rather than being something I have to schedule, I hope that soon it becomes a lifestyle change.

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  1. this is the hardest thing for me too! 2 days have gone by and I've done nothing active...I mean I never sat down until the end of the day since I was cleaning and cooking and entertaining the little one, but I never 'got active'...ugh...this is harder than it looks!