Non-Toxic Children's Art Supplies

Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what was in your child's art supplies since, just like most everything else your child touches, some (if not most) ends up in their mouth?

For a while I thought I was doing a good job in finding and making available non-toxic choices, especially when the packaging states that the materials are as such. Yet, just like with food, if the ingredients aren't listed, how sure can I be that they are safe, toxic-free?

I went searching for some artistic mediums for my budding artists that I could be sure were safe. It took a lot of looking, but I finally found one that I love and can see the ingredients list.

Clementine Art Supplies, of Boulder, Colorado (I love that town!) is an all natural, certified non-toxic, environmentally friendly. They have a full line of natural paint, glue, crayons, markers, and modeling clay.

Which is great! My kids are begging for some clay to get their hands on. There is also a gift set that is perfect for any child, which is double-great, since I have some birthdays parties coming up :)

What favorite all natural, non-toxic art supplies do you use and love?


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