Body After Baby Challenge: Green Mama Amanda, Week 2

Week 2 is here and reflecting on the week I am very happy that I can report that I succeeded at reaching my goal! Tuesday I was able to get a really great aerobic work out on the trail at the top of my street. My baby girl in her Ergo alone is a workout, but then add dirt trails, hills, stairs, and about 2 miles...I was feeling good. I was able to get my aerobic activity in on Wednesday and Thursday as well.

I'm feeling great! I love how when I incorporate more aerobic activity I feel better, I sleep better, all around I enjoy life a little more. I am not one who "likes" to exercise, I find my motivation so lacking when I "force" myself to exercise. I think that's why this is working so well for me, because instead of forcing it, I instead look at it as just "going for a walk" with my baby and my dog. What better way to trick my brain into thinking we're aren't really exercising.
That's my update, I hear my baby girl waking up from her nap.

Can't wait to hear how you did Mama Lia.

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