Cara's Top 10 Foods to Enhance Fertility Naturally

The following list is by Cara Bergman, a Licensed Acupuncturist specializing in fertility. Visit her website at

1. Bone Broth - old fashioned chicken soup made with the bones. Add a splash of vinegar to the water so that the nutrients come out of the bones and into the broth.

2. Liver - especially from grass-fed animals. Eating liver once a month provides nearly the same nutrients as eating red meat every day of the month.

3. Lacto-fermented Vegetables - If you haven't tried these, read more about my favorite brand Fab Ferments

4. Fermented Cod liver Oil
If you only take ONE supplement ever, it should be fermented cod liver oil in my opinion. It is an excellent source of Vitamin D among other things.

5. Wild-caught
Salmon high in Omega 3's

6. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Great uterine tonic. Good to drink throughout pregnancy.

7. Greens - especially wild greens like dandelion.

8. Kefir both yogurt and kefir have beneficial bacteria. The difference is that the bacteria in yogurt is transient - it will do good things and then leave your system where as the bacteria in kefir colonizes and continues to fight off pathogens in the gut.

9. Nettles tea - look for this in health food stores. It supports the adrenals and helps your body build blood.

10. Grass-fed meat Animals need to be outside eating a natural diet to be healthy.

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  1. I have not ever tried Kefir but I have heard some good things about it! I actually take my daily chewable probiotics from Vidazorb which I just love since they do not need to be refrigerated. I wanted to take the OPC also since I am all about natural ways for anti-aging. These are just great tips, thanks!