All Natural Nap Mats...

I'm about to open my own business - family childcare in my home :) - and am in need of 4 nap mats. I had no idea these things exsisted before. I can either use a sleeping bag, a cot (that looks Army issue if you ask me, not at all comfy), or a foam mat of some kind.

However, after searching stores and online I'm flabbergasted - as usual - that people think it's 'safe' to have children sleep on plastic! or worse, if there is a such thing... The stuff that these things are made out of...and kids are supposed to sleep and breathe on them?!

Soooo....I'm thinking I'll just make my own. But although I can sew a straight'ish line when I'm in the mood, I'm not too crafty when there is a deadline hovering close by.

Got any ideas on how to do a really easy nap mat? And what kinds of materials to use as the filler so it'll be comfortable but not toxic?! Above all, the mats need to be washable (weekly), durable, and comfy!

Any and all ideas are welcome!


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