Stay at Home Mama's new Endeavor

Being a stay at home mom I have found many ways to 'cut corners' on purchases, whether it be using coupons, purchasing items in bulk when they're on sale, or just "doing without." Recently I was out and about and saw an item that I just HAD to have, but the price tag on it was well out of our budget. So I thought to myself I could make I ran to the fabric store, found the perfect fabrics, of course I couldn't just choose one color so I left with three. I went straight home and started sewing (with the help of a good friend), and TA DA (drum roll please) it was DONE and it was beyond perfect. It was better than what I could have bought, and it was made with extra love.

I had to come up with a name for them, seeing that I made in with my daughter Anella in mind I decided I would call them "Nellas." Anella now doesn't go anywhere without it, we take it to yoga, the grocery store, to the Zoo, on walks, everywhere she goes it goes. As I type this she's playing on the ground and she just rolled over to grab her "Nella" and she's rubbing it on her face and chewing on it.

Whenever I try to find toys for Anella I struggle because I want something that allows her to use her imagination, I want something simple. Too many things have flashing lights, loud sounds, and all in all very overwhelming and stimulating. So in making these I wanted something that would stimulate in a different way, something that gives her different textures, colors and textiles. I was at yoga with Anella and her "nella" and one of the other mommy's asked me where I got it, and I was proud to say "I made it," she immediately said "I'll buy one off of you." So the idea was born, what a great way to make a little extra income and do something I LOVE to do.

I've thought of everything, including a rickrack tag that is long enough you can put your stroller or Ergo strap through so that on outings the "nella" doesn't get lost. Not to mention they're completely washer & dryer safe which is a MUST for baby toys.

We've added a link on the righthand side if you're interested in purchasing one for your little one or a friend. You can even personalize the colors from 9 different variations.

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  1. Oh wow! What a wonderful idea to make your own :) Far better than anything you could buy indeed! Kudos!! I'd buy one if our kids were not too old for it :)