A few of my FAVORITE things

I have spent many hours searching and researching for not only safe products for my daughter but products that I LOVE! Here is a list of a few of my (and my daughter's) favorite things.

This sippy cup is perfect for all ages. Seeing that Anella wouldn't take a bottle we skipped to sippy cup right away. The great thing about this sippy is it turns into a straw cup for when they outgrow the sippy. Anella is actually already using her cup with the straw on a daily basis. This sippy/straw cup comes with a travel spout that ensures that it will not leak even if the bottle is turned upside down.

As with the sippy I LOVE this highchair because it grows with my child. I can use this well into her toddler years, not to mention it's made from wood rather than plastic as most high chairs. My husband and I were joking that when we go to have another child we'll have to get another high chair and we can just picture ourselves sitting around the dinner table with 4 high chairs.
Now I have to admit that Anella doesn't know these exist, embarrassingly enough I have bought these for her and are keeping them until her 1st birthday. My husband thinks I'm crazy for doing this but I really want to see the reaction on her face when she opens these blocks. We already have two Haba toys a clutch ring and a teething ring and so I know she is going to LOVE these blocks.

These are just a few of my favorite things...there will be more to come because I have just begun to share my favorite things...look for the next blog, if there wasn't something in this one that you are looking for there is a great chance that in the next one there will be something you've been looking for.

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