Are Vaccines Safe?

Really...are they?

If you ask your pediatrician, more often than not, they say yes. If you ask the growing number of families opting to forgo vaccines all together, the answer is no.

But what's the truth? Is it YES or NO? Or somewhere in between?

* Are some safe? And others not? If so, which ones?

* What schedule is safe? Can I use an alternative schedule?

* And what exactly is in the vaccines? How are they made?

There are an increasing number of mothers asking these questions and more. Unfortunately, unless you have an open-minded/open-mouthed doctor, you're not going to get anything but pharmaceutical company and government scripted responses.

So then, how are we - mothers, fathers, families - supposed to make an informed decision based on informed consent when none is being given?

I came across Dr. Sear's Vaccine Book and found freedom in its pages and unbiased approach to all the questions I have concerning vax's:
  • Detailed information about the ingredients in each vaccine.
  • How different manufactures create their vaccines.
  • Which vaccines have mercury. Which don't.
  • Alternative vaccine schedules.
  • Lists of questions to ask yourself and your doctor.
  • Pros and Cons of each vaccine.
Because, let's be honest here - there are both pros and cons when it comes vaccines.

It just depends on which vaccine your talking about, which manufacturer makes it, what ingredients are in it, and in what order it's given to your child...not to mention what other vaccines should and shouldn't be given along with it.

Everyone should educate themselves about what they are injecting into their child BEFORE they get one.

And if you have questions about the H1N1 vaccine, Dr. Sears has detailed information about the ingredients and creation process of each on his website.

Check your local library for a copy of Dr. Sear's The Vaccine Book. That's where I found mine.


  1. Really? This is great that you found this information to pass along to all of us! Thanks :) I do value Dr. Sears opinion and I guess I am somewhat grateful that we had our kids vaccines done before all of this came up, otherwise I would have really been confused as to what to do! As for the H1N1, I just don't know. I just read that Dr Oz is not vaccinating his kids. I am thinking we will not and that we will continue with the natural and preventative approach...lots of santizing, hand washing, prayer and our Vidazorb chewable probiotics. I know that when we use hand sanitizers, we kill off the beneficial bacteria too...that is why we take our probiotic everyday - to replenish the good guys! Thanks for the info here on Dr Sears!

  2. Vidazorb chewable probiotics? I'll have to look into getting some of these. We drink Kefir almost everyday to keep up the good guy count in our guts - tastes just like yogurt but has TONS more beneficials than sill ol'yogurt ;)