Making the Most of a Rainy Day...

It's been freezing and raining for three days now and looks like the forecast for tomorrow is the same. And usually by day three is when my kids start getting board of the same old toys, games, books, what's a green mom to do when you can't go outside?

I fondly remember all the games and activities my brothers and I came up out of necessity when we lived overseas. We had one TV channel, one radio channel, and sometimes no books or toys to play with since our military family was always on the move and most everything was packed up.

The most interesting and long lasting memories came from days like these where we had to come up with our own ideas and games to pass the time. Some of the best were:
  • Make a Movie
    Using our parents video recorder (remember the BIG ones? They weighed a ton!) and a blank tape, we put together some of the most hilarious skits and plays. We'd have a director, actors, lines, and costumes. The scenery had to be made - couches had to be moved, tables turned into caves, sheets into tents. Of course we'd put the house back together again...but in the meantime, our imagination was the limit and boy did we have a great time!

  • Fashion Show
    I know my little fashionista would love to do this one! Pull out all those crazy accessories, shoes, and fancy clothes and dress up as a family - or just the kids - and have everyone strut their stuff down the catwalk, uh, hallway into the living room. Take some pics, print them out, put them online, especially if you have most of your family living far away. Doing this is not only a blast, you might actually get around to cleaning out that closet and, after the fashion show is over, bag up and consign what you can live without!

  • Put on a Play
    My brothers and I would do this for guests all the was fun! We'd perform all sorts of short odd ball plays that were definitely akin to making our movies, just shorter. Have songs, dances, action scenes! The kids can help write the script, pick out the costumes, choreograph the dances, and make up the songs. Tonight: a little family dinner theater in the living room!

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  1. Great ideas! I bet my boys would love to make a movie! My kids also love to cook and bake when they are stuck inside.